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Mobile Application

Product Design, User-Interface Design, Prototype

I designed a fictitious mobile app concept for Filson to try out Pixate App, which makes it easy to develop mobile application prototypes.

Filson, founded in 1897 is the renowned USA company for making highest quality and most durable apparel and accessories available. As the founder C.C. Wilson stated the company mission in the 1926 catalog; " is the Filson ideal and policy to produce only the best in Outdoor Clothes that it is possible to manufacture."

Ranging from weather-proof jackets to watches, Filson produce high-quality outdoor apparel and accessories for Men and Women. Catalog includes but not limited to Jackets, Coats, Shirts, Pants, Hats, Boots & Socks, Leather Goods, Bags, Straps, Knives, Watches... Products are specially designed for Hunting, Fishing, Camping and similar outdoor activities.

I designed the products screen, drawer menu and product comparison tool. The app is based on current Filson website,
Pixate enables interaction designers to create working prototypes using their desktop application Pixate Studio and its companion iOS App renders the prototype which looks like a native iOS application. Pixate has a really sleek interface and creating prototypes are similar to creating presentations in Keynote, but also lets the designer to define conditional statements.
This project's sole purpose is to create a Pixate prototype and I'm not affiliated with Filson.


Main Screen
Drawer Menu - Product List

Drawer Menu (Demo Video)

Product List (Demo Video)

Product List Filters

Product Filters (Demo Video)

Comparison Selector (Demo Video)

Compare Products - Product Detail

Compare Products (Demo Video)

Add to Cart (Demo Video)