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Experimental Interfaces


Product Design, User-Interface Design, Front-end Development


Some thoughts and sketches on different kind of applications, mostly content-oriented everyday products. Timelines, feeds, collections, connections and organization are the most common theme in these interfaces.

Construct UI: This is basically an alternative "search/surf engine", where you can search and surf the web on the same page. What you are "surfing" is not web pages but actually information from web pages. But the most important behavior is to see your "mind-map" through a "search route".
R2TODO - To-do Application: Most interfaces and literal calendars use week-based illustration of time, where every line is a week consisting of 7 days and one month at every page. To see our "location" in a year is not we casually visualize. Timeline at the bottom shows one year in a linear fashion, enables us to actually see the visualization of a year. Other than that, on main timeline where to-dos and reminders are located, users can see a full week. Drag and Drop interface makes it easy to organize todos, while colorcodes to the favorite lists makes it easy to see what kind of todo it is.
Kasually - Personal Daily Feed: This timeline is a personal feed collection where you can see your next reminders, todos or the latest emails, rss reader items etc.
Music Database Application
Music Database Application