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Branding, Product Design, User-Interface Design, Motion Graphics


Drippin is a location-based social-networking mobile app that enables its users to find nearby events, see where their friends at, share their location and plans on events. It's like Swarm and Facebook Events combined for nightlife.


Nightlife should be fun, with events and friends. When people don't enjoy it, they check their FB or Instagram instead of having fun at the moment and socializing in real-life. In a dense city whether it's Istanbul or London, people wants to have fun with friends after an exhaustive day. People are having a hard time to find fun events where they can socialize with friends. We can find events on Facebook if we're invited or our friends says they're going, but we should confirm that they're going by directly asking them. When we go out plans can change if we don't like the place or the event so we're in need of finding an event right now and there isn't a solution for that. Drippin aims to be a solution for finding fun events and the likeminded people. Using the app, users are able to share their location with friends in real-time, look up events and plan the night.


Human-interaction consists of people doing something somewhere. Communication feels natural when our tools mimick the experience we are having in physical world.

Discover screen: While the user is offline interface is grayscale.

Automated check-ins are available while you're "online" on the platform. Users can choose to be online while they're starting to the night, this way friends can see where you are now, until you choose to go offline. Application-wide color change takes effect when a user goes offline, turning the application grayscale instead of indigo colors.

Event Detail

Users can choose from friends or groups to decide who's going to see their location. Giving controls of their privacy to the users let them trust the system and be in control of their personal information. As in real-life we choose who will know where we are, so in mobile applications.

Popular and Nearby Events
Nearby Friends

Facebook-style chat drawer to easily see online friends and chat with them.

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